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The International Maritime Union is a non-profit professional Union established in 1922, recording until today a dynamic course with constant and fertile presence to Maritime Industry. Its establishment was prompted by the need to contribute to the solution of major problems faced thenat Piraeus, the harbor of which was without quays for vessels’ berthing and with primitive port facilities, puzzling everyone since it was considered as “port to avoid” for Greek and foreign vessels.

Right after its establishment, with the support of the President of “GuardianshipPort”at that period of time and founding member of D.N.E. Mr Pericles Kallimasiotis of the Union of Greek ShipownersandCommercial andIndustrial Chambers, the International Maritime Union played a key role in the efforts to create an autonomous Organizationto attend all local port matters. The goal was finally achieved in 1930, by establishing Piraeus Port Authority which was a decisive landmark for the future of the port.

The International Maritime Union represents today almost all Liner Shipping Agencies and Cruise Ships Agents operating in Piraeus Port and contributing in organic revenues of OLP SA (more than 70%).

With its strong presence through the years in both the commercial and tourist part of the port and with the effective dynamic developed by its Members, the International Maritime Union was the key factor in achieving the rapid growth of both commercial and tourist traffic of Piraeus port, the increase of port’s productivity, in the attraction of new cargoes, the implementation of important investments in production and social work, as well as its highlight to one of the first ports in Mediterranean.

Members of International Maritime Union represent domestic and foreign Liner Shipping Companies and provide responsible shipping agency services and combined transportation for import/export and in transit cargoes. Furthermore all passenger vessels related services are offered by the members.

The International Maritime Union is run by a seven- member Board of Directors with Chairman, Vice Chairman, General Secretary etc. which is elected every three years and organize working groups of members holding expertise and valuable experience to solve any problem that might occur in each working area.

Since its establishment the International Maritime Union has been an active player in national port industry facts with fully documented positions that reflected the experience of its members in a constantly changeable environment. The economical and technological changes that have occurred on a global scale and influence the maritime transport field in general led to developments of new data as peaks of competition amongst providers of port services. The developments set the conditions of operation and developments of ports, identify the needs and directions of port configuration and affect port industry as a whole.

The presence of the International Maritime Union in the Shipping Industry will be empowered and catalytic, taking into consideration the new data of the globalised economy, the fierce competitive environment, the modern methods and technologies in Shipping, as well as the specifics of shipping agencies, providing at the disposal of the responsible bodies the valuable knowledge and experience of its Members in order for all measures to be taken to achieve basic targets such as to:

  • Improve services provided at Greek ports.
  • Reduce port stay.
  • Ensure visibility and credibility of ports concerning services provided.
  • The application of modern technology of telematic systems to facilitate formalities and handling of cargoes.
  • Improve the road and rail routes in order to be connected with inland ports.
  • Simplify Customs and other formalities procedures.
  • Create proper infrastructure to attract new cargoes and to increase port productivity and port competition.



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